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SPOTeyesPRO - Never lose anything again

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SPOTeyesPRO easytracking
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Tue, 01/02/2011

You have seen it in spy movies and television series like CSI Miami: A control center with members of the FBI track down the movement of a suspicious vehicle on a map. Once only available to intelligence services, real time surveillance technology by GPS becomes now available and affordable to the general public with SPOTeyesPRO.

* NOW! save € 100.00 and enjoy our special introductory offer. Activation fee is waived for the choice of a 1 year subscription service cycle with a 2 year commitment.


Get peace of mind for your family and protect belongings, monitor you pets, knowing that you can at any moment follow their trail, reassure yourself your loved ones have arrived at their destination and your brand new vehicle has not left your home. All this by simply logging into your SPOTeyesPRO online account with your PC / MAC, Smartphone, iPad or iPhone.

Whether you would like to protect a member of your family, your pets, your brand new car, your precious bike, a work machine, track a package or suitcase, the SPOTeyesPRO tracker is sufficientlySPOTeyesPRO autonomous and miniaturized to hold almost everywhere and to enable high fidelity tracking in real time. SPOTeyesPRO is a small GPS tracker in the size of a car key, which instantly alerts you by e-mail or text messages (SMS) as soon as the object to monitor leaves a certain safety zone you have defined. Completely configurable, you can also at any time ask the system to locate objects to monitor on demand. Small and reliable SPOTeyesPRO operates without limits throughout Europe and the World.

* The world's smallest GPS tracker finally available to you
* Online monitoring your tracker anywhere, anytime
* Instant alerts if your tracker breaches a customizable geofence
* Rechargeable 5 day battery
* No software to install, works out of the box
* Compatible with PC/MAC, Smartphone, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone
* Location accuracy within 15 feet
* Water resistant exterior for outdoor use
* Works worldwide without any limits (see below)
* Optional panic button for emergencies


For in car hardwired installation we suggest you to get yourself the 12V car adapter.

* Offer limited in time and while stocks last! Not cummulative with other offers !

** Real-Time GPS devices require a 1-time 49.50 € activation fee from SPOTeyesPRO. This fee includes the Sim Card, configuring the Sim Card to the device, & activating the device to the real-time web interface. Panic button activation or button configuration of the safety zone (5.00 €/month) is an additional option.

*** Monthly or Annual Subscriptions / Coverage: National, Europe and World.